Cold Brewed Tea

By Passenger

Illustrations by
Alyssa Beltle


12 g  Passenger Tea
1 qt Filtered Water
Quart Container
Paper Tea Filter
  1. Dose 12g tea into paper tea filter. Tie bag tightly with string as to prevent tea from leaking out.
  2. Fill pitcher with 1qt (946 ml) cold filtered water.
  3. Place filter in pitcher, being sure the tea is fully saturated before covering and storing in the refrigerator.
  4. Label pitcher with the time brewing started and time to remove the tea bag.
  5. Recommended steep times for tea varieties are as follows:
    • Green teas: 8-9 hours
    • White teas: 24-26 hours
    • Oolong teas: 24-26 hours
    • Black teas: 24-30 hours
    • Herbal teas: 28-30 hours
  6. Remove tea bag accordingly. Store in refrigerator. Serve within 3-5 days